Pandemics threaten the global economy and kill some businesses. For instance, many companies laid workers off or went bankrupt a few months after the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic. One reason is the COVID-19 control measures discourage human-to-human contact, reducing foot traffic in stores.

For businesses to survive pandemics, they have to change their mode of operation and marketing strategies. Text marketing is an excellent way to build and personalize customer experiences in a post-pandemic world. We’ll explain how it works.

How Text Marketing Help Your Business in a Post-Pandemic World
How Text Marketing Help Your Business in a Post-Pandemic World
How Text Marketing Help Your Business in a Post-Pandemic World | Pony Express HQ

Personalized Conversations for More Sales

Smartphone use is continually growing, with the average American checking the phone about 96 times a day. Theoretically, you have 96 chances to get in touch with customers through text marketing for business. This opportunity is enormous, but does using text marketing for business bring any unique benefits?

Text messaging lets you foster relationships with consumers without sounding pushy. Those who have interacted…

Let Pony Express HQ be your business text message marketing service.

Text message marketing is one of the most powerful tools your business can use to interact with your customers and potential customers. This marketing method is simple, effortless, and incredibly effective. Christmas text message marketing is a perfect way to express gratitude for customer purchases and increase your brand awareness.

There are other excellent reasons this method works, and these are some of the benefits your business can attain:

  • Text message marketing boosts your customer engagement.
  • The SMS (short message service) marketing method is more reliable than using emails.

Let Pony Express HQ be your business online text marketing service.

Why are business owners turning to text marketing when looking to engage customers on their mobile phones? Text marketing campaigns have increasingly become a quick and cost-effective marketing platform. Text marketing is also one of the most popular modern mobile marketing methods and a great opportunity for small, medium-sized businesses to impact their customer outreach greatly.

Unlike other marketing techniques, text messaging acts directly to the customer and creates a personal connection between your customers and your business. …

The holidays are just ahead of us, and most businesses are already feeling the pressure. Last year’s retail spending almost hit a trillion-dollar mark. During this time, retailers usually explore all the tech-savvy tactics to connect with potential customers. Just like last year, text message marketing will likely play a crucial role during this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That is because text message marketing is spam-free, has a higher open rate, and attracts higher ROI. But to get the best out of text message marketing, you need a solid strategy. …

With the holiday season being around the corner, the festive season is about to begin. Most retailers are already gearing up for the upcoming shopping season — anticipating perhaps the busiest period this year. With just a few weeks left, you’d not want to wait until the last minute to integrate online text messaging into your firm’s mobile text marketing campaign.

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Text Marketing for the Holiday Season
Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Text Marketing for the Holiday Season

Whether you’re an online eCommerce business or you run a physical store, SMS marketing is admittedly a powerful tool to ensure you have a steady flow of business during this festive season. …

Halloween🦇 is right around the corner; let your customers and community members know that you’re thinking of them by sending awesome designed Halloween MMS/images in your text messages.

There’s no better opportunity for text marketing. Text messages perform nearly 5x better than emails! That’s also another important reason why business owners prefer to use text marketing. Pony Express HQ created a series of new pre-designed Halloween MMS/images free for all of our customers. There is no better way to customize your text message campaign with our special MMS/images this Halloween season and your Halloween text marketing.

Trick or Treat: Halloween Text Marketing

When creating a group message, select “MMS/Picture message” and then click on “Use Image Gallery.” Choose any images to send your subscribers.

Many people get offers to subscribe to email newsletters, but how many opt-in to receive offers via text message? Promote holiday sales and drive traffic to your store and website with social posts, emails, and text marketing.

It turns out; there’s huge potential for text marketing. In a survey, only 54% of people said they opted-in to receive text messages from a brand. Of those people, 91% of users said they found the text messages to be useful.

Why People Opt-in to Brands’ Text Messages

Keep reading to discover the top 6 reasons why people opt-in to receive text messages. Also, make sure your business covers these reasons as well.

The Top 6 Reasons Why Consumers Opt-In to Brands’ Text Messages ✅

  1. For coupons or deals: 77%
  2. To receive personal alerts: 50%
  3. Staying in the loop: 48%
  4. Access to meaningful content: 33%
  5. Don’t want to visit business/website/app for information: 31%
  6. Quick access to information: 29%


At Pony Express HQ, we want you to have a great experience when sending and receiving text messages for your businesses or with your community members.

People come to Instagram 📲 to be inspired and discover things they care about, including content from brands and businesses. If your business also has an Instagram page, you should let your customers or potential customers text messages to your business with the tap of a single button on your profile!

Make sure you remember your dedicated Pony Express HQ business phone number correctly. Go your Pony Express HQ dashboard Account Settingsand look…

This guide is for informational purposes only. We recommend contacting an attorney to seek additional advice pertaining to the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and SMS — text marketing best practices in general.

There’s just one thing you’ll need to keep in mind — the rules of the game! ♥️

Below, we discuss the main regulations to help you remain in compliance throughout your text marketing campaign.

TCPA Compliance Checklist Guidance for Text Marketing | Pony Express HQ
TCPA Compliance Checklist Guidance for Text Marketing | Pony Express HQ
TCPA Compliance Checklist Guidance for Text Marketing | Pony Express HQ

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

The TCPA is a US legislation that governs all forms of telecommunication. Passed in 1991, it restricts telemarketing calls, faxes, emails, and messages where there’s no consent.

Running a restaurant is a hard business. You need to work bilaterally to make your restaurant successful: On the one hand, you have to provide a quality product (the food!), and on the other hand, you need to create a marketing plan that will help get word-of-mouth out about your business. But how many restaurant owners and managers have a robust marketing budget?

We at Pony Express HQ offer a cost-effective text marketing solution that targets the needs of restaurant owners and managers. The answer is Short Message ServiceSMS — text marketing.

  • 73% of Americans today send or…

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